What's it all about?

This exclusive and immersive journey is filled with hands-on learning from experts in their fields, the ability to test new skills, and the opportunity to make real-world contacts that will expand minds and resumes while introducing participants to the wonderful world of events & experiences. 

Each 2-hour class will be broken into 3 sections: receive, review, reality. Participants will receive information from the instructors, review the material with the team, and put the lessons into action. Participants will be expected to do outside work together in their team -- approximately 2-3 hours per week. 

Here's just a small sampling of what the team will be immersed in...



Week 1: The World of Events (October 4)

The team will receive an introduction about what we do in events and the infinite career possibilities within the industry. We will look at human-centered design strategies including the aspirational experience journey and how that relates to creating a clear strategy. And, of course, we will unveil the final event project including what the team will do over the 8-week journey.

Week 2: Storytelling (october 11)

Guest instructor and Muhlenberg alumnus, Kate Santore of The Coca-Cola Company, will kick off class on the importance of storytelling, powerful messaging and a clear brand promise.

We will take Kate’s advice and apply it to our project by creating our own brand promise, value proposition and storyboard.

Week 3: DESIGNING FOR IMPACT (October 18)

We will cover creative briefs and good event brand design. The team will understand the visual details needed in order to make the event desirable.

WEEK 4: Budget (October 25)

Event budgets are one of the most important aspects of production. Unexpected costs can end up making or breaking the success of the event. The team will learn to properly estimate costs, understand what elements should be included and begin to create their own budget template for the final project.


*Presentation WEEK (november 2)

The team will present the storyboard and budget to the administration for approval. 



Week 5: Website Design (november 8)

The team will discuss what they believe are impactful websites. They will learn what goes into successful website design. Class will be focused on creating wireframes and design of the event website.

Week 6: audience Messaging (november 15)

Audience messaging will be developed and the rollout of the marketing plan template will be presented including how to properly use the messaging to drive attendance.  

Guest instructor and alumnus, Scott Norville of 21st Century Fox, will speak to the team about how to use video to engage our potential audience.

WEEK 7:  DIGITAL MEDIA (november 29)

Guest instructor Aidan Augustan, founder of the event marketing start up, Feathr, will join us via video to discuss digital marketing tactics. He will walk the class through a demo of his technology which the team will be able to utilize to market the event. 

WEEK 8: Social media & FINAL PLANS (december 6)

Guest instructor and social media guru, Brendan Lowry, will join the team to talk about what makes a successful social media strategy. 

The team will create a social media strategy for The Experience Experiment project using the tactics they learned in class as well as prepare the final plans before heading off for winter break. 


Pre-event weekend (January 12 & 13)

The team will return from winter break early in order to put the finishing touches on the event. They will be tasked with creating a run-of-show, move-in schedules, and other necessary documents to ensure a smooth event. 


Event (January 17)